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St. Paul‚Äôs is a lively gathering of God‚Äôs people around the Gospel-centered promise of grace, a ‚ÄúReconciling in Christ‚ÄĚ congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in NW Washington, DC.¬†

St. Paul’s is focused on living thankfully in light of God’s gracious love, gathered in prayer for the world, and actively working for justice and peace locally and globally. Join us for outdoor worship this Sunday and often! 

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We are located between Ellicott & Everett Streets NW, between Murch Elementary School and the Fire Station.













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From Pastor Walker's Desk:

"Thus, a Christian person is righteous and a sinner at the same time, holy and profane, an enemy of God and a child of God." 
(Luther's Works, Vol. 26: Lectures on Galatians)
Many of you have been wondering what Pastor Andrea has to say about the current conversations about race. My work here is to preach the gospel and lead this congregation into the future. It is not my work as pastor of St. Paul's to fix, mend or tell the members of this congregation how to deal with race or how to be anti-racist. I can imagine that conversations have been hard and uncomfortable. Race, racism, white privilege, white supremacy, these are harsh words to hear and yet they have become common words in our lexicon. I know, I have not said much.
In the preaching moment I talk about the good news of God through Jesus the Christ that we have. This good news does not promise us that life will be easy, but that God will be with us every step of the way--- pushing us guiding us and making us able. I believe this, I trust this; I have experienced God's presence in the hardest moments of life.
In my preaching, I have mentioned the words Black Lives Matter. When I say these words, I am not spouting divisive rhetoric; I am not supporting a specific organization and there is no political agenda behind these words. I say these words to raise awareness that black lives have been devalued in the history of this country. I say them because the gospel slants toward those who have been oppressed and in the history of the USA that would be those who were brought here from the Western shores of Africa and their ancestors.
These words are not meant to be exclusive. Anytime there is oppression I will search the scripture and preach with the Bible and the latest news in mind. This is how I was taught to be faithful to the task of being a priest and prophet.
I am sure that I will have the opportunity to preach about all those who have suffered oppression because they are not what is considered the norm in this country:  those who are brown, persons who identify as LGBTQIA, those who speak with what is considered a 'foreign' accent. 
The oppressed can also include those who wear police uniforms and are, spit on for doing their jobs, treated unjustly, unfairly, and demonized. 
Martin Luther tells us that we are saint and sinner at the same time. Part of human sinfulness is over generalizing, painting a group of people with the same brush: all Blacks are criminals, all Latinx are here illegally, all police officers are brutes. We cannot help ourselves and yet God calls us to be and do better.
With the help of God, we can, and we will! We can and we will value the human dignity of all persons and provide a welcome place for those who hunger to hear about the love of God through Jesus the Christ.
Because this is our goal, I pray that the uncomfortable conversations about race, racism, white privilege, white supremacy, and the like will continue. Please read, talk, seek out new experiences and march if you must. What I hope is that you will realize that becoming anti-racist is a process. This is not a sprint; it will take time. This is a marathon and these conversations have been going on for years and will be ongoing for years to come.
As we walk this road together, people of God, I hope to listen deeply offering theological and spiritual reflection and any insight I can.
As always, be well, be safe, be blessed
Pastor Andrea  


Click here to view the Phase 2 Guidance for Places of Worship in DC.
" For more information from the DC Metro Synod on Coronavirus, please click HERE.

For up to date information in the District of Columbia:                  


"Contactless" Communion

"O taste and see that the LORD is good; 

happy are those who take refuge in him." 

--(Psalm 34:8)


View videos on opening the communion pack and properly wearing your face mask on St. Paul's You Tube page here. Don't forget to subscribe!

A Message from St. Paul's Council President

Dear members of St. Paul's,
I MISS YOU!!!  I really do.  Pastor Andrea and the staff have been doing an incredible job of continuing to fill us with the Holy Spirit each week through podcasts, Facebook Live, contactless communion, and many other virtual and social distancing events. As important as that has been, I think we can all agree it is not the same. St. Paul's is my family, and I deeply miss connecting with everyone at worship on Sunday mornings, through the many fellowship opportunities after worship and throughout the week, at the food pantry - and even at church council meetings!  I don't know when those days will return and what it will look like, but my heart aches to be back at St. Paul's.  Although we can't be together right now in person, our church council will once again be reaching out to the congregation to check in, have a chat, and make a connection. I encourage you to answer the phone if you have the time, return the call if you miss it, and enjoy the opportunity to reconnect with your fellow parishioners.  And if you don't hear from us by the end of June, it is probably because we have outdated contact information for you, so please call or email the church office to update your information!  God bless and keep every one of you, and I hope and pray to see you all soon. 
Kate Belinski
Council President


Adult Sunday School (on zoom) Sundays at 8 am 

Hi all,

The book we are discussing is "Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water and Loving the Bible Again" by Rachel Held Evans. 

As always, reading the book ahead of time is not required in order to join the discussion!  All are welcome - we hope you'll consider joining us! Use this link to join our zoom discussion on Sunday at 8am:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 811 7905 1247
Password: 855174

Here is a link to purchase and/or read more about the book.

It is also available to download for free from the DC Public Library and on Kindle for $2.99

Hope to see you all on Sunday at 8am!

- Donna

8 musées et galeries connectés aux expériences digitales surprenantes

Send Us Your Selfies and Family Photos!

We are still hanging your pics in the Church's Chancel, so you can "be" in church, even though you can't be in church!  We will continue to do this as long as we can't be together physically!  Send your selfies to Lisa Wackler!


The sweet way parents can use rainbows to help children during ...

You have this, because God has YOU.


Confirmation News and Notes
While we've had to delay affirming the baptism of this year's Confirmation Class until October, we will start our new class in September!  Confirmation is a two-year program for students in Grades 7 and 8, and is where we learn about our faith, what Lutherans believe, and the stories in the Bible that inspire us.
 If you are a rising 7th grader, and are planning on joining the class, or if you (or your parents) have questions about the class, please contact Lisa Wackler.
 We look forward to seeing you (virtually or in person!) in September!
Congratulations to All of Our College and High School Graduates!





SLRA is the combined Youth Group of St. Paul's, Luther Place, Reformation, and Augustana Lutheran Churches.

As part of our "Stirred and Spurred" theme this year, our monthly meetings have focused on the fruits of the Holy Spirit from Galatians 5: 22-23:  "By contrast, the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  There is no law against such things."

To close out our year, we encouraged our youth to think about the fruit of the Spirit that is self-control.  Click HERE to see the home study guide for this lesson.

Pastor Ben put together a short video to celebrate our time together this past year.  Take a look by clicking HERE.

We are also starting the planning stages of next summer's  ELCA National Youth Gathering in Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 29th--July 3rd, 2021.  The National Youth Gathering is for high school students (rising 9th grade--just graduated).  Contact Lisa Wackler  if you think you'd like to attend the Gathering, and for more information about how YOU can stay connected with SLRA during this time of social-distancing!


Worship Assistants


It's never too early to think about ways that you can serve the church when we can gather again!

Complete a survey to let us know your interest by clicking HERE.



Daily Devotions for July, August and September are available through the church office.


If you are interested in receiving one of the following Daily Devotions booklets, please let the office know and we will mail one out to you. 

  • Christ in Our Home
  • The Word in Season

Call the office (202.966.5489) or email Joy Belew with your request. Please specify which one you would like mailed to you - we have limited supplies of each. 



Prime Time Center


Canceled Until Further Notice. 

We will be providing updates as we know them. 

If you would be interested in reaching out to Prime Time attendees to see how they're doing, please let Lisa or Joy know!







Prayer Shawl Ministry 

What a great time to learn to knit or crochet!  Or maybe you are interested in the quilts that Carol Wake has been doing for world relief efforts. We have teachers available for 1x1 or group sessions - feel free to have a friend sign up with you!   We are also researching the best online free videos. We can get you supplies so please don't let that get in your way.

Our shawl ministry gifts are SO warmly received - it is a very rewarding way to serve.

Please know we will "quarantine" all work created during the crisis and follow CDC guidelines for safety of recipients.

Please feel free to reach out to Amy Baumgardner at 301-602-4729 or if you interested.



Youth Choir Practice on Hold Until Further Notice

If you wish to join the youth choir or would like more information, please contact director Marcia Perez .



MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOLERS LOOKING FOR SERVICE HOURS:  Please contact Lisa Wackler Community Service or SSL hours! 



Website Work for St. Paul's

We are planning for some web redesign and expansion. Please let us know what you would find useful on the congregation's website. What's missing? What do you use? If there is old and bad info, please continue to point us to that as well. But do talk to us! It makes our work better. 



New Benches for Portico Garden

We would like to thank both Lynn Adkins and Bruce Pihlstrom for their wonderful generosity in the purchase of the two new black steel memorial benches that were installed recently in the Portico garden. Not only do they look perfect in their setting, but the benches are also comfortable and functional. In fact, we are pleased to note that many visitors to St. Paul's have already been able to enjoy using the two benches. 




Christ is Risen!




Christ is risen! - NC Synod ELCA

Sunday, August 9, 2020 at 10 am


All are welcome but everyone must wear a mask and appropriately distance. 

Please click HERE for the service bulletin. Please click HERE for children's activity book for August 9, 2020. (Neither document will be distributed. Please print prior to the service or follow along on your cell phone. )

Please click HERE to access a previously recorded podcast of the readings and the sermon. For pdf of bulletin, click here.

Please click HERE to see a pre-recorded video of the readings and sermon on YouTube.

NEW! We will post a video of the outdoor service on You Tube each Sunday afternoon.



While we are physically away from each other there are ways that we have decided to be church together during this time.

Every Sunday, there will be one outdoor worship service at 10 am. Please bring your own chair or blanket and wear a mask.  Each Sunday, there will also be a video and podcast of some music and the readings and sermon for those who are unable to be there or in cases of inclement weather. Also on Sunday mornings at 8 am, Adult Sunday School is available on Zoom (see article for more information).

Mondays at 3 pm - Storytime with Pastor Andrea (for children) via Facebook Live. Friend her at Pastor Andrea Walker to listen in.

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12 noon via Facebook Live - Prayers and devotions with Pastor Andrea.  Friend her at  Pastor Andrea Walker to participate.

Mondays thru Fridays: The Church is now open for quiet meditation and prayer.  You must sign up! We ask that you limit your visit to 30 minutes, and that you stay in the church nave.  You may enter through the handicapped entrance on the south side of the church (up the ramp, and by the side doors of the main church) and exit through the Portico door.  (Slots are 45 minutes long to give everyone time to clear the space before the next person or family.  Please don't be late!)  Please don't forget to wear your mask, and wipe down any surfaces in which you make contact (wipes will be provided)! Sign up here.


Introducing GivePlus Text!    You can now make a contribution with text!
Simply send a text message to St. Paul's GivePlus Text number, 844-262-6943, with the amount you would like to contribute. Within a few minutes, you'll be sent a text with a link to register. Click on the link and enter your cardholder name and debit or card information. Once your registration is complete, you will receive a text verification and a receipt of your donation via email.
For future giving, send a text with the amount you wish to give, and it will process automatically! You can even text "repeat" to make it a recurring donation. Text giving is one of the fastest and easiest ways to give. 
To learn more watch this video or click here  to view a pdf "Quick Guide to GivePlus Text". 



The Summer of Ministry Service Continues This Sunday!

While the pandemic has put some limitations on our ability to gather in large groups and maintain physical distancing guidelines, our desire to serve our neighbors is without limitations!
Starting Sunday, July 12th, we will offer the Summer of Ministry Service (formerly Six Sundays of Summer Service) in a virtual format.
Each week we will post a new video about the church's work, whether that work is here in DC, in our country, or around the world.
Below is the tentative schedule for presentations:
July 12th: The St. Paul's Racial Justice Working Group SEE VIDEO
July 19th: Dr. Rebecca Duerst from ELCA's Lutheran Disaster Response SEE VIDEO
July 26th: BRAWS (Bringing Resources to Aid Women's Shelters) SEE VIDEO
August 2nd: ELCA Advocacy for Caring for Creation Today. SEE VIDEO

August 9th: Recent activities from DMV's Friendship Place

August 16th: Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service
 Videos will be made available through our website and enews.
For questions, please contact Pastor Andrea or Lisa Wackler.


Racial Justice Activities Update and Next Steps 

Thank you to everyone that has been engaged so far in exploring how St. Paul's may come together as a congregation on the topic of racial justice.  All are welcome at any time - we are committed to providing forums and activities supporting an open door (even when that door is a zoom window).  If you have feedback on how we can continue to meet this goal please share with us, with a council member or with Pastor Walker.
Following an initial reach out to the congregation we received some interest and points of view via individual emails and phone calls to get things rolling.  Then the congregation was invited to attend one of two zoom calls in July to share interest, questions, concerns and ideas about what we - together as the St. Paul's community - can do in the area of racial justice, called by our common faith.  During this time Bishop Leila Ortiz also hosted a webinar series on racial justice that you might find interesting - go to and search for "Imago Dei" (the name of the series) or "racial justice".  Bishop Ortiz calls us to "learn, listen and lead" - something we can keep in mind as we think about next steps.
Summary of July calls
17 members of the congregation joined on zoom calls to discuss their personal interest in racial justice, share and discuss questions, and put forth interests long term and short term for congregational action.  Please know that we are all in different places and we focused on sharing, not building consensus.  We will continue to facilitate forums for sharing and discussion.  Here are some very brief highlights and apologies to any attendee who feels their key point was omitted.
What is racism?
Several participants shared personal stories of learning through volunteer or professional activities, reading, attending webinars and conferences and sharing through personal networks; There are diverse experiences in defining racism and racial equity
Discussion of implicit bias and new definitions of racism; There may not be common views on these in our community - are there opportunities to learn and explore together through the lens of the Gospel?
What is action?
Having these discussions together in the community of Christ is itself important work for us
Participants shared concerns that we are behind other communities of faith in stepping forward; others raised concerns that we need to learn more to be grounded in our actions
Discussion regarding not calling upon representatives of groups negatively impacted by racial stereotypes to define the problems for the others; There are resources available to learn
St. Paul's Welcomes All
Discussion of looking at ourselves and whether we are the type of congregation we want to be in terms of racial equity and diversity - seek to understand historical perspectives and assess current actions
Concerns were raised that we should be doing more; Also concern that we should not seek diversity for the sake of diversity - are we being led to be welcoming by Christ?; What would we be prepared to change to be more welcoming - is that consistent with our identity as a congregation?
Discussion of the St. Paul's worship as being just one aspect of our congregational life - the food pantry and Prime Time were described as more diverse than worship - opportunity to think broadly about St. Paul's as we explore racial justice
Community Presence and Action
Discussion of whether we are announcing our support of all races in our signage and other outward expressions of our mission in the community; Other churches are public in demonstrations for example
Outreach and partnership with congregations of color were discussed; Also discussed importance of being able to name the value of such a partnership to our future partner, and whether we are prepared now to move forward or whether this is a longer term goal
Discussion of whether we can take a leadership role in our neighborhood and community for racial justice awareness and learning; Discussion of the costs associated with such outreach
Next Steps
As facilitators of the calls, we shared an update with the council and met with Pastor Walker who is serving as our spiritual advisor.  We are encouraged to join together in community activities (socially distant of course) to learn, listen and lead - following the words of the Bishop.  While many of us have been reading recently, or have been through training and awareness experiences through other life events, we hope this recommendation will be an opportunity to join together as a community of faith.
The next step is to have another set of zoom calls in August to get questions and feedback on the recommendation below.  Based on those questions we could start as soon as September.  From this work the other discussions will continue and congregational action would evolve.
St. Paul's Seven Days of Awareness for Racial Justice
One week per month (plan for several months)
Individual activities:
Daily prayer selected by Pastor Walker
Scripture reading selected by Pastor Walker
Activity (examples include listening to / watching a Ted Talk, selected article or webinar (such as an episode of the 1619 project), a movie)
Review questions to encourage reflections from the individual activities (this review is personal and doesn't have to be shared)
Group activity - with facilitator
Group(s) gather together via zoom or on the lawn of St. Pauls to discuss, with the discussion structured using the review questions shared in advance
Depending on the interest we can have multiple groups each month so we have a reasonable size (especially for zoom).  As with our prior zoom calls a facilitator will make sure each person has an opportunity to speak but you should feel free to participate in "listen only" mode.
Sue and Amy
Questions or thoughts? Please email them to us at, or contact us individually.


St. Paul's Offering a 2nd  Vacation Bible School!

July 27th -31st
What's twice as nice as ONE Vacation Bible School? A SECOND Vacation Bible School!
ELCA World Hunger re-tooled their popular Vacation Bible School curriculum, On Earth As In Heaven, to make the format more friendly in a virtual environment.
On Earth As In Heaven focused each day on one part of the Lord's Prayer and one of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, and the central promise of a just world where all are fed, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Thank You for "Attending" This Year's Virtual Vacation Bible School!
We had a great week studying in detail Jesus' Parable of the Sower, and just what it all meant.  We talked about seeds, what they needed to grow, and what we need to grow and share God's love.  We sang some great songs, had fun activities to do at home, and heard about Pastor Andrea's garden!
 Worried that you missed out on the fun?  Check out all of our VBS offerings from the week on YouTube:
Still smiling, still standing, still carefully "social distancing" after more than two hours of rehearsing and recording on a recent Saturday:
Soprano section leaders Karen Brunn (left) & Marcia Perez (right) recorded five Eastertide solos and duets with us on April 25th for splicing in to pending service recordings. Karen & soprano Carol Beebe also supplied some initial solo recordings on zero notice in mid-March, as regular in-person church services were suspended for the pandemic. And other choir section leaders, choir members, & some instrumentalists from the congregation are also lined up to supply musical offerings to add to the future Service of the Word recordings that are our current Sunday worship. We are grateful for their help! Especially because generating & editing recordings with a small staff & not-quite-correct equipment makes these simplified services considerably more complicated and time-consuming to produce. Classic live Lutheran liturgies are usually about 60% music, so we look forward to the future Sundays when we can all interact in a full liturgy, with the choir (!), with communion, once again. 

---Sonja Kahler & Matt Larson, music directors


Kids:  Here's How You Can Share the Good News!

Thanks to Auden and her folks for sending us a photo of their beautiful crosses!  Share the Good News of Jesus' resurrection with your neighborhood!

A beautiful cross done by Abby!

And these by Sofia and her family are terrific, and so colorful!


Download and Color Your Own Stained Glass Cross HERE, and Hang it in Your Front Window or on Your Door!

Don't Forget to Send Us a Picture of it!






The Food Pantry at St. Paul's continues to serve the community on the first and third Saturdays of the month, from 10 am until 12 noon.
We've seen an increase in demand for our services, as we see the pandemic's effect on our local economy.
Here's how you can help:
Donate food.  At this time, we are only accepting shelf-stable items.  Consider donating any of the following:
  • Hearty soups or stews
  • Canned pasta dishes ( e.g., Chef Boyardee ravioli)
  • Dried pasta
  • Pasta sauce
  • Rice
  • Dried or canned beans
  • Canned meats (tuna, chicken)--urgent need for this right now!
  • Peanut butter
  • Cereal or other breakfast grains (oatmeal, grits)
  • Canned fruits or vegetables
  • Boxed macaroni and cheese
  • Granola and/or cereal bars
  • Small "pop top" meals or single-serving sized items (e.g., tuna fish in pouches) for our homeless clientele
  • Toilet paper
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Toothpaste
Donate paper grocery bags from Whole Foods or Trader Joe's.  We are trying to limit the amount of physical contact at the Food Pantry, so the bags are pre-packed.  Bags with handles are preferred.
Donate money.  To make a donation to the St. Paul's Food Pantry, please visit our donations page by clicking HERE.
If you have any questions about the St. Paul's Food Pantry, please contact  Lisa Wackler.




(with apologies to Gabriel García Márquez, Nobel Prize-winning author of the novel and film, 

Love in the Time of Cholera)

It must be a little like how voiceover actors feel, as they and a few colleagues sit in recording studios with scripts on their laps, preparing integral but unseen parts of a screenplay that, with the magic of editing, will fit into the larger movie as it features live action and additional, visible characters.
As the church staff prepares this week to record the 10th service podcast since March 15th (3 Lent), we thought you might be interested to learn more about how these services are happening.
As in most weeks, Pastor crafts her sermon, Lisa writes the children's sermon, prayer petitions and announcements, Joy patiently produces the bulletin, and we choose and practice music.
Then at the end of the week, lately on Saturdays (but on multiple days during Holy Week), the five of us assemble at our now-regular stations in the chancel, keeping abundant physical "distance" and each using separate microphones throughout the service. 
We can't see you, sing with you or shake your hands, but we know that you're out there waiting to follow along with the service.
We are grateful to be able to attend church, ourselves.
And we know, from checking the statistics available for each podcast, that listeners from other states and countries have been tuning in to St. Paul's for Holy Week and Eastertide:
from at least California, Ohio, Illinois, and Pennsylvania; and from India, France, Colombia, and South Africa.

The Easter paraments and Alleluia banner are up, the paschal candle is standing in the center of the chancel, and photos of St. Paul's members who've sent in selfies are on display.
Not visible here are our microphones, standing farther back in the center aisle, to better record the prelude and postlude music on the gallery organ.
Pastor says a prayer, someone presses the "record" button, and the service begins.
With just the five of us to sing hymns, we are using mostly the softer stops on the front organ, while hoping that all of you listening at home will sing along.
Absent the choir and other musicians (whom we dearly miss, but who will not be able to safely gather to rehearse at church for some time), we have worked to add whatever musical variety we could: some of our kids' musical skills (euphonium and organ, so far), a soloist singing and recording four pages of the Easter-Vigil Exsultet at home (Thank you, Gail!), two soloists gamely hurrying in to church the evening March 30th, with no notice, to record four solos for Holy Week and Easter 2 (Thank you, Carol and Karen!), music from the big organ, and some family-ensemble music recorded at our house.
Maundy Thursday morning music: our son took this photo of us and our daughter recording "Slow Tears" by Rhonda Larson, a piece originally for alto flute, piano and synthesizer, but which works at least as well with C flute, piano and organ. 
After the service ends-or at least the spoken sections and hymns in the current format-someone turns off the recording.
We may then record additional music at the church on either organ, with our own microphones.
Then Matt patiently edits the recording by patching in any additional music done earlier, adjusting volume levels, and making any other necessary small adjustments.
We hope that some of the familiar sounds from St. Paul's are providing some comfort and a feeling of continuity while worship as we all know and prefer it is suspended for everyone's safety.
-Sonja Kahler and Matt Larson, music directors


 Please get your intention cards into the office!

Please return your intention for giving to St. Paul's in 2020. This is an important opportunity to start the new year in a strong position, helping St. Paul's achieve a sustainable financial program. This is one of our top congregational priorities. Thanks to all who have returned their cards already. To date, we have received 50 forms.
NOTE: If you pledged online, please also take the time to fill out a paper intention form as well so we are able to have all of the information in one place. Thank you!
Questions may be directed to Mike Charlton or Rod Larson .
Intention Form - Click here  






Click HERE for more information about the Prime Time Senior Center.





 Recently we received an interesting text message about St. Paul's from a work friend and colleague of Matt's; he was one of the numerous visitors who attended the cantata service on November 24, Christ the King Sunday. With his permission, we quote it below.

But first, a little background. This friend trots the globe for Internet work. He loves classical music and will travel a distance to hear music that interests him. He and his family live in Loudoun County, VA. 

 On October 28th, 2018 he drove in to St. Paul's to hear the Reformation cantata service. He heard Pastor Omholt preach a quite ecumenical, next-to-last sermon at St. Paul's. On November 24th, 2019, the day after returning from a trip abroad, this friend once again drove in to St. Paul's to take in the music. A few days later he texted Matt:

 "So I went to a funeral mass today in Pennsylvania. Boy, what a difference from St. Paul's. The way I explained it to my wife, at St. Paul's there was (for me) a palpable sense of community. The congregation, the musicians, the chorus, and the clergy all pray together as a family. At this Pennsylvania church, it was a priest and deacon and a singer (not sure of the title; in Judaism she would be called the cantor) all talking TO the mourners. Very aloof and cold compared to what I, a stranger and a non-Christian, felt at St. Paul's."

This friend visited St. Paul's in appreciation and anticipation of fine music, and he left additionally impressed by the participatory power of the liturgy. He will return again for music, and because he is now interested to hear our new pastor...

 -Sonja Kahler & Matt Larson, music directors




Summer Camp 2020

Please click HERE for an important message about the 2020 Summer Camp Season, or visit for more information.  _______________________________________________________________________